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 Battle Arena Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Arena Rules   Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:45 am

Battle Arena Rules.

Ok for some time now we`ve been with out rules to regulate the battles here.This is not a full version.I will be adding to this as I finish each system.


Academey Student Requirement None

Genin Requirement 60 posts

Chunin Requirement 120 posts

Special Jonin Requirement 300 posts

Jonin Requirement 500 posts

Anbu Requirement 750 posts

Sannin Requirement 1300 posts

Kage Requirement 1600 posts

S-Class Requirement 2000 posts

Legendary Nin Requirement 3000 posts

Sage Requirement 5000 posts

Life and Chakra Points

Academey Student Chakra: 250 Health:175

Genin Chakra: 400 Health:225

Chunin Chakra: 600 Health:350

Special Jonin Chakra: 800 Health:475

Jonin Chakra:950 Health:525

Anbu Chakra:1050 Health:600

Sannin Chakra: 1250 Health:750

Kage Chakra: 1500 Health:875

S-Class Chakra: 1750 Health:975

Legendary Nin Chakra: 2000 Health:1000

Sage Chakra: 3000 Health:1500

Jutsu Usage per rank

Academey Student E-Rank only

Genin D-E Rank jutsu Only(no custom jutsu)

Chunin C-E Rank + custom jutsu(only to D rank)

Special Jonin C-E Rank + custom jutsu(only to C rank)

Jonin B-E Rank + custom jutsu(only to B rank)

Anbu A-E Rank + custom jutsu(only to B rank)

Sannin S-E Rank + custom jutsu(only to A rank)

Kage S-E Rank + custom jutsu(all ranks rank)

S-Class S-E Rank + custom jutsu(all ranks rank)

Legendary Nin S-E Rank + custom jutsu(all ranks)

Sage S-E Rank + custom jutsu(all ranks)

Location rules

before each battle the fighters must pick a location to fight.The terrain(location) can be a mixture of places.Certain jutsu(sand,snow..etc) can only be used in certain locations.TO make it easier comprimise on locations so both users have a benifit,no on ehas a benifit or for handy cap puroposes where only one gets an advantage.Beside that the only rule is no fighting in unreally places that have not been seen in naruto.

Fight Procedures

In the arena there are orders of how to fight.There pretty simple and if the your not able to doge the attack then you take damage.

Attack Phase:Each fighter can enter attack phase once per turn.This is not limited to combos.The system is set up so you can only delcare an attcak phase once per turn.The user can use all three types but is limited to three jutsu per turn.Combo jutsu are allowed but can not exced the three jutsu per turn limit.

Defence Phase:Each fighter can only enter Defence phase once there opponent(s) have used an attack.During this pahse the user is not limited to using defence jutsu.During the defence phase you have the option to counter the attack with one of your own(can not excede 3 jutsu per turn limit), dodge it with a supplementary jutsu, or defend with a defencesive jutsu.

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Battle Arena Rules
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